Silencify – Tips and Tricks

Hello All,

Glad to announce that Silencify¬†was a great hit, the app had more than 10K+ downloads within few months of launch, was not expecting that many downloads. Today I’m writing this first post to help you make maximum use of Silencify.

Silencify has ability to automate some of the things on android, Which everyone would want to but are lazy to do since it takes a lot of screens/buttons to be clicked. Silencify makes it simple by letting you configure this daily switches you would love to do, but ignore since its too troublesome.

With the launch of next version of Silencify, you will have the ability to create one time schedule and configure switch on/off of Volume/Wi-Fi/Blueooth/3G Data/Sync/Airplane per schedule. Check below images to understand more. Initially I had thought of adding these switches globally, however adding them per schedule will give you more granular control. This is how I’m setting up my current schedules on mobile

1. Below schedule “Battery Saver” runs once everyday from Monday to Friday at 6PM (this is when I target to be home), as you can see it turns off pretty much everything, this would turn off most of radios. Also airplane more can be disabled for Android 4.2 and below. This helps in saving battery and most of radios are turned off.


2. Below Schedule “Morning Switch On” runs from Monday to Friday at 7 AM, as you can see it turns on the wi-fi, sync, data this is atleast 1 hours before my wake up time, this helps lets the OS start syncing mails and other things so I can read them by time I’m up.


3. And then finally “Office Settings” this runs from Monday to Friday at 10:00 AM, this turns on the wi-fi, does not touch the phone ringer, turns off Sync and data to save battery.


Finally these might not be optimum for your schedule, this is just an example on how Silencify can be used to save on common actions you would love to perform on a scheduled basis.

Hope this post was useful for you to understand on how you can simplify few things using Silencify

Do mail me at kedar[dot]kesar[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any suggestions/issues/concerns/feedback

Kedar Sarmalkar